47th Karlovy Vary Film Festival

 How to start , What to say… I really dont know. This week is the best week of my Karlovy Vary life ! I enjoyed many things in the city at this week… Quite boring city OUT ! Festival city IN !

First of all we have film festival in my city Antalya but its not nested with public like Karlovy Vary Festival. Our mayor says in Antalya ” City is living the festival ” but when i see Karlovy Vary , i think that Antalya is not living the festival… When i was working for Antalya film festival , I’ve never seen any person who comes from abroad to see this festival or enjoying the festival. I’ve seen just local people and people that i know from around. But in Karlovy Vary i saw people all around the world, i saw americans, africans, chineese and more. All around the world people came just to enjoy and have some fun.

 We watched movies, which is sometimes disgusting, funny and dramatic. But we enjoy it all. I totally dont understand some movies what are they talking about because some of them was in Czech language 😀 Ale rozumim trochu !! 😀 But when people are speaking normal or fast i dont understand, they need to talk slow than i will understand it totally  (možná zítra) 😀

 We party hard, which is sometimes makes crazy but funny things 😀 Meeting with new people, dancing in crazy nights, walking somewhere after party, outside talks with people who we have never seen or talk 😀 I’ve never seen that much party people in my life, all city was partying every single night !!!! YES EVERY SINGLE NIGHT !! FooPaa, HeLL Termal, Cajovna 1000 A 1 Noc…

  Cajovna 1000 A 1 Noc… This place is so good ! I’m totally pushing you to go there and drink some tea and enjoy hookah ! The place to chill and enjoy… Our before party stop 😀 Playing guitar and drinking something and talking and enjoying with friends. If you come to Karlovy Vary you must visit there…

9 days passed sooooo quickly with funny, crazy, dangerous times…

9 days passed with good and bad, but always with friends…

9 days passed but there is a big life to enjoy :))




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