Alex in Brno….

Hey People !


I will write about the Salvaton Army Festival in Brno. About ths day everything was great. We went to festival with gypsy people who is living at the same apartment with me. They are great neighbors !

We went there for festival but all was waiting for football tournament 😀 Because we were waiting this day for 2 months. After traning and other tiring days, after 3 hours sleep and playing 5 matchs at the tournament was like killing 😀 But it was funny. I played with this team first time but i scored 2 goals and 3 assists. I think i was good 🙂

But the important point wasnt playing football or doing some actions. The important point was sharing and learning.. For me the greatest moment of this festival is representing Armada Spasy Karlovy Vary at the stage.

I am not talking about lunch 😀 it was really delicious!! Ofcourse i didnt forget you :))  After loong time it was great to see you and share some time with you  Terka :)) Always smile ! You are looking gorgeous when you are smiling :))




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