Cooking Art Days !!

Every action has spirit inside of it. Some times its hard to find the spirit, but some times things are happening by itselfs. This cooking art days happened by itself. When i started to do Cooking Art Days first time just one old woman came to my art day.. I felt a little dissapointed about it but i never give up… But we cooked Karnı yarık together and we tasted it 🙂

I was thinking about 2nd… But i’ve always asking about it to myself. ” what if nobody comes? ” But 2nd Cokking art day was great and awesome ! We were 6 people and we cooked to gether Turkish ” Şakşuka ” which is our Turkish appetizer. It was very easy to make it but i think Czech people loved it 🙂

The most important thing was ” sharing ” for me. Because its possible to cook just by myself and let them taste it. But we cooked together !

Same as my Project  We learn together…


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