When i find my project everything has started at this time. Long way to go to EVS… It was a great chance for me to know other cultures, languages, people… But there was always problems for Turkish people, Visa, xenophobia, cultural differences… But i didnt care about any problem…

First of all waiting for visa is killing. I got my visa in 42 days and i think its record for visa, if you are going to Czech Republic for long-term they are giving visa minimum in 60 days. But this 60 days is just working for Turkish people ( I asked an Ukranian man which has long-term visa he said i got that in 2 weeks.. ) But sooner or later they gave me visa. But when you come to this beatiful country you will understand, why they are giving visa in hard way….

Czech Repulic is not just a normal or central European country like Nederland,Germany etc. This country still lives in history… Actually my city Karlovy Vary is a city which lives in medieval still. Because of the buildings… I will not give you some construction info here but when you come to Karlovy Vary you will feel that spirit what i am talking about.

In all my 2 weeks i enjoyed this city… View, Oplatky, Becherovka, Spa. There is a million things to say but i have more important things to say.

I m staying at drahomira, people which is  in bad social situation is living here %80 gypsy. But they are great people. I know gypsy people from my city Antalya. I really love them, because when you are warm to them they are more warm, when you are cold they are colder than you. They are just doing the same what if you do to them.

In Karlovy Vary lots of Nations are living. Russians, Ukranians, Vietnamese, Polishs… Here is like a small world which has no borders. People of Karlovy Vary is really warm-blooded people. When you have a problem they are ready to help you, its not same like other EU Countries…

Ending words of my post is ” You must visit Karlovy Vary, You will understand what i am trying to say ”

God Bless You…

The Way To Karlovy Vary …


One thought on “The Way To Karlovy Vary …

  1. Berk Mutlu says:

    Woww I wonder Karlovy Vary . 🙂 Thx for this good text.

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