Daily Trip With Kids !!!!

Coming Tonight 😀



47th Karlovy Vary Film Festival

 How to start , What to say… I really dont know. This week is the best week of my Karlovy Vary life ! I enjoyed many things in the city at this week… Quite boring city OUT ! Festival city IN !

First of all we have film festival in my city Antalya but its not nested with public like Karlovy Vary Festival. Our mayor says in Antalya ” City is living the festival ” but when i see Karlovy Vary , i think that Antalya is not living the festival… When i was working for Antalya film festival , I’ve never seen any person who comes from abroad to see this festival or enjoying the festival. I’ve seen just local people and people that i know from around. But in Karlovy Vary i saw people all around the world, i saw americans, africans, chineese and more. All around the world people came just to enjoy and have some fun.

 We watched movies, which is sometimes disgusting, funny and dramatic. But we enjoy it all. I totally dont understand some movies what are they talking about because some of them was in Czech language 😀 Ale rozumim trochu !! 😀 But when people are speaking normal or fast i dont understand, they need to talk slow than i will understand it totally  (možná zítra) 😀

 We party hard, which is sometimes makes crazy but funny things 😀 Meeting with new people, dancing in crazy nights, walking somewhere after party, outside talks with people who we have never seen or talk 😀 I’ve never seen that much party people in my life, all city was partying every single night !!!! YES EVERY SINGLE NIGHT !! FooPaa, HeLL Termal, Cajovna 1000 A 1 Noc…

  Cajovna 1000 A 1 Noc… This place is so good ! I’m totally pushing you to go there and drink some tea and enjoy hookah ! The place to chill and enjoy… Our before party stop 😀 Playing guitar and drinking something and talking and enjoying with friends. If you come to Karlovy Vary you must visit there…

9 days passed sooooo quickly with funny, crazy, dangerous times…

9 days passed with good and bad, but always with friends…

9 days passed but there is a big life to enjoy :))



Supermarket WC !!!!

Great place! Great people ! Great Coffee !!

Actually everything was great. I havent work there much to know better but in few days i think i become family member 🙂

Jiri : He is always busy, God ! made some time for yourself bro ! you are always in a hurry 😀 ok you have to do much things but you cant save the world !! 😀

Alena : You are making espresso awesome ! After your espresso i was always becoming alive 😀 You have very sweet english accent keep it !!!

Gábina: I will never forget that  ” how to make cafe latte ” 😀 After a few practise we had good work 😀

Ah ! Sorry i forgot to write about the exhibition 😀  There was good and interesting chairs ! 😀

I will come again for a coffee :)))


Cookin Art Days Vol. 2

Guys this action was best ever !!! There was around 15 people and i was anxious ” how to cook, what to make, how to share ? ” It was great day because all people helped me too cook and actually ” We cooked together “.

This day we cooked really tasty turkish meals which is ” Çoban Kavurma, Peynirli Akdeniz Salata, Kısır “…

But the hardest part was the finding the “Bulgur” because there is no bulgur in this city’s shopping centers. But we find it organic shop. People pays 4.8 tl for 500 gr. bulgur !!

First they were thinking about kısır, because it wasnt common in Czech Cuisine, actually i was nervous about it ” if they wont like it ? ” But i said dont care about it ! Everybody loves Turkish cuisine in all around the world !

Than we ate it al and i hope they love it 🙂


Ps. I think they love it, because there was nothing after eating together !


I hope you will enjoy next cooking art day !



Alex in Brno….

Hey People !


I will write about the Salvaton Army Festival in Brno. About ths day everything was great. We went to festival with gypsy people who is living at the same apartment with me. They are great neighbors !

We went there for festival but all was waiting for football tournament 😀 Because we were waiting this day for 2 months. After traning and other tiring days, after 3 hours sleep and playing 5 matchs at the tournament was like killing 😀 But it was funny. I played with this team first time but i scored 2 goals and 3 assists. I think i was good 🙂

But the important point wasnt playing football or doing some actions. The important point was sharing and learning.. For me the greatest moment of this festival is representing Armada Spasy Karlovy Vary at the stage.

I am not talking about lunch 😀 it was really delicious!! Ofcourse i didnt forget you :))  After loong time it was great to see you and share some time with you  Terka :)) Always smile ! You are looking gorgeous when you are smiling :))



Foosball Tournament with Kids…

It was the last days of Nizkoprah and i was feeling really sad. Because this place was the only place for youth of Karlovy vary. I was said but what can i do for it ? Goverment is not giving money, AS has no money to keep it open. So what to do ? We had the only choise, closing…

But we think that we have to do something like a closing party and we decided foosball tournament. It was great day for me, because i love foosball and i love to teach how to play …

Kids are awesome in Karlovy Vary. If you are foreigner they loves you quickly. We cant speak same language, we arent living in same culture but we always connected by love, share, games, crazy stuffs….

Kids are important for me in my life…

I Love You Kids !!!